3 Quick Facts About Personalised Number Plates

While you may think that only celebrities and rich people buy personalised number plates, the fact is that these special plates are purchased by all kinds of people. If you’re driving a vehicle you love, you can fall even deeper in love with that vehicle if you were to fit it with personalised number plates. Here are a few personalised number plate facts you may be interested in knowing.

There are Many Places to Buy Personalised Number Plates

It’s never difficult to find a source to use when you’re out to buy personalised number plates. These plates can be purchased privately by looking in local newspapers and car magazines. You can also buy these cars from number plate dealers on the web. Personal number plates can also be purchased directly from the DVLA when it holds one of its number plate auctions throughout the year. Another option is to buy these plates on Ebay from sellers who are posting them for sale.

Several Styles to Choose From

The nice thing about personalised number plates is the fact that they come in several basic styles including:

  • Current style: Plates featuring the style used for new car registrations today.
  • Prefix style: Plates with the first letter indicating the vehicle’s age.
  • Suffix style: Plates starting with the letter A and ending with a letter that indicates the car’s age.
  • Dateless style: Plates made for cars manufactured before 1963

You Can Keep Your Personalised Plates if You Buy a New Car

When it’s time to buy a new car, you don’t have to give up your personalised number plates. You can transfer them over to your new car once you pay the DVLA  transfer fee. And if you don’t have a new car yet to put your personalised number plates on, don’t worry. The DVLA says you can hang onto those plates until you’re ready to register them to your new car.

There are many benefits to enjoy when you have personalised number plates on your vehicle. You can really turn heads when you’re out motoring, plus the personalisation factor these plates offer help you feel more connected to the vehicle you own.