Are Instant Private Number Plate Valuations Reliable?

It’s typical to want things to go swiftly when you’re interested in finding out how much your private number plates are worth. Lots of people turn to the internet every day to find out the value of the private reg plates they own.

When googling the value of their personalised number plates, most of the search results people are given point to companies offering free instant number plate valuations. While that may seem OK to you, you should know that these companies aren’t offering this free service just to be nice; they’re actually offering it so you’ll stay on-site to sell your personalised numbers plates to them.

You Can Only Get an Idea of How Much Your Plates are Worth

When you use a free private license place valuation tool, you can only get a ballpark figure that tells you about what your plate will go for if you were to sell it. This is because the estimates provided are computer-generated which means the software used can’t spot names or other specifics like human beings can.

Your Plate May be Overvalued

When a website is offering a valuation tool for number plates, they’re aggressive with their advertisement of that tool. Why? Because they want to gain new customers by over-inflating the actual values of the private plates being checked. Just think about it for a second. When you’re told that your plate is worth a good chunk of change you’ll be excited about selling it so you can spend the money you’ve earned.

Once you go ahead and use a valuation tool, it’s likely that you’ll receive an offer from the website offing the tool. Expect to be told that you can make a nice profit by selling the plate to them. But don’t take them at their word because they don’t know for sure that they can get the amount they’re promising you.

A Better Way to See What Your Plate is Worth

A better and more reliable way to see what your private number plate is worth is to do some web surfing. Visit websites and online auctions at sites like Ebay to find out what plates like yours are being sold for. This is a reliable method to use that should give you more than just a ballpark figure.