Are My Private Plates Worth a Lot of Money?

Are you one of the many drivers in the UK who is motoring around with custom number plates on your car? Then maybe you’ve wondered what the value is of your private plates. When determining how much private number plates are worth, there are several factors taken into consideration (one of them of course being, how reliable a valuation is).

Does Your Plate Spell Out a Name?

A private number plate or personalised plate as it’s also called can be worth a nice sum of money if it features a name. It doesn’t matter if the name on your plate is long or short, these types of plates sell well. The private plates with names that are longer tend to bring more money when sold, so if your plate has a long name on it, you could be in luck. The plates with names that are easily understood are the plates considered more valuable, even though you can still get a decent price for less understandable names.

Plates That Spell Out Words are More Valuable Than Plates That Don’t

In terms of value, plates that spell out words fetch more money on the open market than plates that don’t. Of course, there are some words that are very much in demand like “sexy” and “power”. If you have a plate that spells out a word and want to know the value of it, check out how much similar plates are being sold for.

Plates that Feature Brand Names are Valuable

Private number plates featuring brand names are very popular and valuable. For instance, if you have a plate with “BMW” on it, you won’t have any problems selling that plate. In fact, you could end up making several hundred or even thousands of pounds if you were to sell your branded plate.

To Sell or Not to Sell

If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should sell your private number plate, sit down and think about a few things. Are you hopelessly attached to your plate because it holds great meaning for you, or are you not attached to it at all? Ultimately, it’s your decision to make so think about the pros and cons of selling your private plate.